About Dr Etienne Swanepoel

The practice was established in 1997. The office of Dr. Etienne Swanepoel renders a service of general, laparoscopic, and vascular surgery within Cape Town, South Africa.

Bariatric surgery for obesity has been performed since 1999. He has attended and organized many advanced laparoscopic courses.

He has treated over 22 000 patients and has vast experience in primary and revisional laparoscopic surgery. He organized the first Laparoscopic Bariatric workshop in South Africa and has since performed many laparoscopic bariatric operations with an impeccable safety record. Vascular surgery is performed at Mediclinic Durbanville and all endovascular procedures are done at the Panorama Hospital Cath Lab.

The office has three dedicated staff members who will assist patients’ treatment and make their experience during surgery as comfortable and smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on our proven track record and honest hard work.

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